J. Schneeberger

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LPAR Summer School 2010 in Yogyacarta


  • Project STERN is a collaboration between Hochschule Deggendorf and Bundesnotarkammer, Berlin. The project goal ist to facilitate electronic communication for notaries. Project funding is provided by the ministry of research of Bavaria.
  • "Der deutsche Ptolemäus" is a project to explore XML technologies to model and publish cultural (and other) annotated documents. The project is a joint effort of the AI research group heade by professor Günther Görz at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and myself.

Web sites I maintain

  • Intellektik
  • The EVA project - a predecessor initiative to the STERN project.

Hochschule Deggendorf


  • My page at Hochschule Deggendorf.
  • You may contact me on xing.
  • I have a twitter accout which I do not use frequently ;-)